Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts on 6/1

Well, after a rough day of circling tither and fro (in an effort to get where we're going), we retired from driving in a friendly local fueling station, and slept like drugged babies. Missouri by day is much nicer. By the way, St. Louis is alright, the arch is a little too big though. Anyways, we awoke and made our way into Arkansas, which is a great state, one of the best in its region. Dead armadillos dot these winding roads, and it is highly mountainous, safe to say our ears have been popping. I swam in the white river, Evan was concerned about the cleanliness of the water, so he sat on the rocks and took pictures. blahblahbllah. I hope that my family is doing well, and I know Evan has been thinking about friends and family. We're happy to be going at our own pace. it's beautiful apparently everywhere.
As we're writing this, we're following a slow-moving truck all the way to Buffalo River, good thing we have extendo-wheels. See-ya truck.



  1. Family doing well. River looks lovely (though looks can be deceiving). Nice bathing suit! Glad you are able to move at your own pace. Taking the time to get a sense of the places you are in is a good thing. You have the time.
    We love you!

  2. Very cool to see an update and glad you guys made it to Arkansas. Tell Evan not to be a wuss and get himself in the water!

    Enjoy the journey..that's the adventure.

    You guys have a place to stay in July in Chicago on your way back.

  3. I can't believe you made ben swim alone! haha. It seems like both sets of my fave roadtrippers are having a blast. I keep calling lisa multiple times everyday, because i am trying to live vicariously through her while i'm very bored here in ann arbor. I think that i am annoying her...but i guess that's what sisters are for. Is that third picture of the arch?

    miss you!

  4. who would've known evan was so soft...
    thanks for the update. have a ridico resto the trip.