Sunday, June 7, 2009

just keep truckin' oooonn...

New Orleans...whew, what a fucked up place that was. We left on Friday, leaving our dear friend and host NoMario (that's what we'll call him). He was a zen catholic monk. They say that the devils' right hand is a pistol, well from nine in the morning NoMario's right hand was a Marlboro Medium, and his left was a pint of Natural Ice. But don't get the wrong impression, he was a wise and nurturing gent, who took us in and under his wing without even knowing us. Many more things could be said about our main-man, but best saved.--By the way, did you know that in NOLA you can drink on the street??//

Katrina rests heavy on all the residents. Even after four years it's the main topic of conversation. Everyone had tragedies, most folks got screwed over by FEMA, or whoever. Much tension was created between the races and classes. New Orleans is the murder capitol of the world. We didn't see any murders or crimes, but we did end up meeting the chief crime reporter of 35 years for the Times-Picayune out side of a cafe, he talked us up one side and down the other. He had just retired, and so he relished the opportunity to talk about what he had seen. He showed us around. And as he drove he would point and nonchalantly say: "Why that's where two young women had their throats cut by a local crack-cocaine deala', and that there is Wallgreens...".//

Interesting people, interesting city. Won't forget it.//

Now we're in Austin, kinda bored, not the most welcoming of cities. Beautiful though...and we have a gracious host/councilwoman. We're camped out in her back yard and she is nice as it gets. The hundred-degree heat puts us in a cramped and lethargic sort of mood, good thing there's natural springs to swim in. We're going there now, because it's so damned hot.......................Next stop: Los Alamos, New Mexico!!////



  1. As you head north, see the bats at Carlsbad Nat'l Park or the Guadalupe Mountains... You might want to re-think the growling at bears thing and invest in some bear bells or pot lids.
    Love the blog. Can you label the pics? Who/where are these fine folks and places? What's with the fish hanging in the plastic bags?
    Love you!

  2. "Not the most welcoming"? Where have you gone? Enjoy Barton Springs(I assume that's where you're headed).


  3. are you guys headed all the way to the west coastie? aka my backyard...


  4. I love the stop action... very cool. Speaking of cool, I suppose you are headed for the mountains where the temperature is more cordial? Good Luck with all that. BTW, I hear the Bandelier National Monument is pretty interesting... it's near Los Alamos I think.