Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chicago, IL

First day of travels. Went out on the town, and painted it red. North side of Chicago is really great. Nothing but nice people. Found a great cafĂ© called "Pause" on our way to a train, and decided to stay for a while and plan what's next. Looks like we're heading down to Arkansas to go camping on the Buffalo River. 10 hour drive... It'll be an early morning. 

Now we're off to go thrifting at a supposed local gem "Village Discount". Arkansas will have never seen hipper kids.

Stay posted!


  1. Bevan!

    We missed you at the graduation parties today. You would have made the awk small talk much more bearable. We think Arkansas is a great idea for your next stop. Hippest kids in the entire state.

    Love and miss you two!
    Maya & Lilia

  2. yeaaaaablog!!

    this'll be fun guys. take it easy for now