Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Y'all's have Y'all's selves a good time!"


Austin, done. Went to Marfa, site of such films as; No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood. But don't imagine some glitzy Hoolywodd, instead picture the iconic bare-stucco facades and the dusty streets that lay empty aside from a parked motorcycle and a stray dog. That's only on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, when the town sleeps, any other day the numerous local artists of the 2000-aught community come out on their bikes and take to the open galleries that line these western streets. A strange town indeed. And we were about to leave, after a viewing of the infamous Marfa-lights ( ) and a night well spent in the auto, but then we charmed our way into a room in the world renowned 'Thunder Bird" hotel-----Discounted---Heavily. 
Ok, I'm going to start summarizing here:  luxery hotel, lots of beer, drunk by the pool, nap, see galleries, blank spot in memory, fell asleep I guess. 

Leaving Marfa, Okay, on to (h)El(l) Paso. Set the scene: Pushin' 90 down I-10, when the emergency ABS lights start dinging... furiously. And the dingin' don't stop. Act 1: We find our way to the neaest repair shop, and learn that our rear breaks crumble with the slightest brush of the hand. Act 2: we wait for the repairs to be done, Law and Order reruns play on the television. Act 3: continue waiting, more Law and Order, back to back.  Act 4: still waiting, some other bullshit crime show comes on TNT, your home for drama. Act 5: We bust out of (h)El(l) Paso like bandits, and make north... Mexico El Nuevo.

White Rock: Evan's residence for a short while, while young. A beautiful small town, placed in amongst the remains of a volcano. Right next to Los Alamos, the site of the Manhattan project. We stayed with family friends of Evan's; Mac & Debbie, host-extraordinaires. They held us up in their lovely home with their lovely dog and lovely cats. A lovely time it twas. Too tired to keep writing, it's late here in Colorado. Good night moon.

--Evan, Ben


  1. Everyone back East just keeps talking about smelly sneakers; they want to know where your getting all the beer! I am enjoying immensely your travels and kinda living them vicariously. I think that's one of the points, no? I'd love to send you guys some "pesos mullas cabbage". Kinda of like an admission price? Are you ever in one spot long enough? May you have met the last bear to piss in your direction. Be safe and in the moment; these are not incompatible.
    Regards, GREG STALEY & LIZ

  2. Good point, The beer seems to be in every picture but maybe that's just me. Watch your butt out there, it's a damn long way for me to send bail money. Do I sound like a parent? It was good to hear from you on Father's day. So very sorry you missed Hoover Dam. LA must have internet. No need for movies, just talk to us.